Harry van Gorkum was born in England, to an English mother and Dutch father. His house as a child, as a result , was filled with many Dutch paintings, and his love for the wide, wild sky landscapes of those Dutch masters has stayed with him and influenced his work ever since.

His fascination for photography began in the design centre at his school, where he learnt and spent many quiet hours in the darkroom attempting to produce a decent black and white print.

It was his love of travel and a search for the new and unseen that led him to travel across America for 9 months when he was 21, a journey that so affected him that he has now called Los Angeles home for 17 years.

He continues to explore in search of those places that still remain unseen by his lens, and has established a growing photography business in Los Angeles, covering travel, editorial, commercial, and portrait photography.

However, whenever he has the chance he packs up his camera, hitches up his tiny Teardrop trailer and sets off on the roads of America to see where the light travels.

Keep up to date with those journeys at http:/​/​lighttravelsphoto.​blogspot.​com/​

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."
Ansel Adams